Our COVID-19 Response

The Team at Making Matters has made a significant commitment to COVID-19 protocols!

Masks: Members and visitors must wear masks in areas where social distancing is not possible and at all times during our indoor group events. If you are socially distanced in a space you reserved, you may use your discretion once you are alone in that space. Sanitizer and extra masks are provided at the door.

Controlling Access: We have implemented a scheduling system so that the various making areas are reserved for individual use. (If members have requested a checkout on a piece of machinery, we ask that you wear a mask for the checkout and your instructor will do the same.)

Cleaning: Making Matters volunteers come in before opening hours each day to disinfect and clean the most commonly touched surfaces throughout the space. Members are required to set aside the tools that they use and to clean them at the end of their making session, this also includes disinfecting common surfaces such as blast gates, machine fences, and exhaust and light switches. Cleaning supplies, towels, and trash receptacles are situated throughout the makerspace.

The Leadership Team is continually reviewing guidance from the State of NH and the CDC. All policies are subject to re-evaluation as we learn more and as the situation changes.