Our woodshop looks to appeal to a wide range of users, whether you want to produce hand crafted items to sell, make gifts for friends and family (or yourself), or have simply always wanted to learn to use tools. Our classes will help the complete novice gain a comfort level with multiple tools while we guide you through basic projects; more advanced classes to explore the full capabilities of different tools are in the works.

Members may begin the checkout process by reviewing the Woodshop Orientation document and answering several basic questions in an “open book” format. Contact the #woodshop channel in our Slack community.

The Big Tools

  • 53 inch Table Saw
  • 12 inch Powermatic Planer
  • 14″ Jet Band saw
  • 6 inch Jointer
  • Drill Press
  • Standing Lathe
  • Metabo Compound Mitre Saw
  • 18/36″ Jet Cantilevered Drum Sander
  • Oscillating Edge Belt/Spindle Sander

Other tools include:¬†assembly & extension tables, 4″Belt/6″ Disc sander, bench vise, bevel angle, chisel, clamps, circular saw, cordless screwdriver, dremel with accessories, drill press vise, files, forstner bits, framing squares, various gouges and other hand tools for lathe work, grinder, hammer drill, hole saw, jig saw, metal detector, moisture meter, oscillating multi-tool, plate vise, pocket hole kit, punch set, reciprocating saw, rollers and stands, router and table, safety glasses, ear plugs, eye wash station, saw horses, various scrapers, scratch awl, spade bits, spindle sander; assorted table saw jigs, hammers incl deadblow and ball peen, drill bits, hand drills, wrenches, screwdrivers