MMNH News: Our first food event!

Ghana and Nar Sharma, frequent contributors to the Concord Multicultural Festival, share their love of momo with a hungry audience. Momos. Delectable delicate wrapped morsels from the Himalayas. You could watch a video online to learn how to make them… but why do that, when you could sit back with other Concord foodies and watch the experienced hands of Ghana … Read More

“You are in the right place”

1 Million Cups Central NH promotes women’s entrepreneurship at December meetup. “Couch Sales” for when your customers are prevented from shopping by several feet of snow. Free marketing from your squad of Instagram followers who send pics of the fun they are having in your store’s apparel. Social media fan or not, small businesses owners can’t afford to ignore it. … Read More

“I’m not going anywhere.”

New Hampshire is the perfect incubator for new industries. Just ask Dean Kamen. New England College students and other intrigued locals packed the Simon Center this fall to hear Dean Kamen share his launch story – which is also the beginning of his love for our state- and his perspective on New Hampshire’s opportunity for an innovative future. Responding to … Read More

Focus on our makers: Bill Bradley, toymaker

Bill Bradley’s workshop, Enjoy Wooden Toys, is a cleverly compact artisan’s haven complete with table saw, scroll saw, work bench, drill press, sanders…. and about 10,000 clamps. Sometimes it’s the roadblocks in life that actually lead us to new discoveries and opportunities. Bill Bradley, the toy maker who created our fun “help build it” model makerspace for our Market Days … Read More

Why Concord Needs A Makerspace

Over the past several months, Making Matters NH has met with and engaged residents from throughout Concord and around the region. Our community meetings are exciting. People share their ideas and they volunteer to push this project forward by helping us find a space, teaching a class, doing organizational planning, and raising money to make this space a reality. Our … Read More

Road Trip: Nashua! “The community itself is the biggest draw.”

If there is a stereotypical makerspace, it might look something like this: a cinder block walled building with battered metal shelves, filled with a random array of donated [read: broken] electronics. Beneath a sad, dangling light bulb in a cage, the same three bespectacled people with no dates on a Friday night are translating The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy … Read More

MMNH News: Fourth general meeting provides more insights!

If you want to satisfy the roving telecommuter, it turns out you need more than coffee and an exposed brick wall. Each time we hold a general information session, we not only have a chance to share our progress with Concord, we get to hear the insights and needs of an new, impromptu panel of residents, representatives of other community … Read More

MMNH News: Launch of 1MillionCups of Central NH

Photo credited to 1MillionCups national organization When Making Matters NH formed this past May, a core part of our mission was our desire to help young area businesses and new innovators thrive. We may not have an actual building yet, but we are not going to let a small detail like that slow us down. With the help of our … Read More

Welcome Chelsea!

Earlier this year MMNH’s Board of Directors was pleased to gavel in Chelsea Bailey, local maker with a passion for upcycling. If you have been involved with any of our working groups you already know Chelsea because she contributes time and ideas to each of them! She also was a hit at our last two open-air demos, helping our younger … Read More

Focus on our makers: Patricia Palson, handweaver.

If you want a unique wardrobe, a good place to start is with a hand sewn jacket, locally made preferred. If your garment is not only small batch and hand sewn but hand woven from texture-rich natural fibers, now you have style on steroids! Just outside Concord in delightful Contoocook, the mother and daughter team of Patricia Palson and Molly … Read More