Meet the Board


Laura Miller

I started dreaming about maker space and business incubators a dozen years ago while helping my daughter, Jenn, start her own business. After starting three of my own including two award winning retail stores, I love guiding others getting started. I especially enjoy helping people with disabilities or other intensive support needs. In addition to Making Matters NH, I also serve on the boards of two non-profit community organizations: The Friends Program and the Zonta Club of Concord. In my spare time, I hope to get back soon to attending as many live concerts as possible- basically, anywhere I can put my dancing shoes on! In my next life I want to either be either a professional dog walker and trainer or, travel around to blues music festivals with a gourmet ice cream truck.

This first two years (more in the planning) have been an amazing journey. It has been my great honor and pleasure to serve as Board President. I am proud of the work we have accomplished to launch Making Matters, especially the fact that we did so much of the fit-up work ourselves (the carpet pulling adventure will live on in our memories forever!) This next period, as we adjust to the new reality of business during & post pandemic is critical to our viability and growth as a community organization.

Personal descriptives: facilitator, connector, dreamer, warrior for social justice, animal lover, believer in unlimited possibilities, beach dwelling wannabe.


Sandra May

I currently serve as board Secretary and am heavily involved with planning and resource allocation in our various shops. I’m also delighted to be using my writing skills on our blog posts instead of drafting settlement evaluation memos for insurance claims, which was my past life. I was riveted by the idea of the makerspace the moment I heard about the mission to bring one to Concord, and hope to continue to document my own adventures in the various disciplines we host. I dabble in quilt and dressmaking, framing, and web pages. Personal projects currently include training for a half marathon in state #23, trying to wear out my two adventure-loving dogs, learning simple joining, and maybe making some more videos for the space.

Superpower: mounting new paper towels on the holder at the makerspace

Guilty pleasure: reading advice columns.


Jared Reynolds

I am the Treasurer at Making Matters NH and work on the Community and Economic Development team at UNH Cooperative Extension. I work with communities to improve quality of life, retain and grow local businesses, and revitalize downtowns. I became interested in creating livable communities and growing local economies while working in community health in rural Alaska and serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco. I saw the challenges many cities and towns faced and the vital role of citizen participation and good public policy in creating successful communities. At Making Matters NH my interest lies in entrepreneurship. I want to make the Concord region an innovative and vibrant economy and the best place to start and grow a business.


Chelsea Bailey

I am a local maker with a passion for creative reuse, the process of diverting materials from the waste stream to be used in art or fabrication, which means I've always collected more garbage than my parents' approved of. I can't help but see opportunities for art everywhere I look. With a lifelong journey in DIY and an educational background in electrical and computer engineering, I enjoy exploring the intersection of STEM and the arts/humanities. My favorite projects from my time in college range from designing an optimized 32-bit pipeline CPU to building a wine glass playing robot. At Making Matters, I love developing kid-friendly arts and crafts programming, as well as volunteering at any chance to advocate for the magic of making. Making Matters popped up in my life at a time I really needed it, and I am proud to continue serving as we grow the organization.


Andrew Heath

I am an artist raised in NH focusing on printmaking, photography, and sculpture. My work focuses on art’s ability to speak to others’ harder to describe emotions in the hope to encourage a bit of empathy. This branches out to my interest in fostering arts appreciation and education to the greater community that I find myself in.

I hope to bring my experience working in and with other similar makerspace and shop groups to help make Making Matters an exciting space to create, explore, and learn for the Greater Concord area. I see New Hampshire being an important place for creative people to make major works of importance, and I wish to be a part of that moment.


Jen Cook

I am a Concord resident with a 35-year tenure in the NH Developmental Disabilities and Brain Injury Service System, including 12 years as a Case Management Supervisor, then as Director of Vocational Services for the Community Bridges Area Agency. My knowledge includes community organizing, resource development, organizational behavior and project management.

Although I currently am self-employed as a NH Department of Education Office of Vocational Rehabilitation-contracted Job Developer helping people with an array of disabilities find, secure and maintain employment, I am also a trainer on a variety of business topics such as Lean Process Improvement and Employment as well as a contracted Case Manager for several individuals experiencing disability.

I am interested in community organizing which involves developing scholarship opportunities for area residents as well as general promotional prospects. I believe in the Making Matters philosophy!


Ron Merrill

I was introduced to MMNH through my daughter Joanna Puza, who, among many other qualities, is a gifted photographer and gardener. I am particularly taken by many of the concepts promoted at MMNH, as they align deeply with my core values and beliefs. Teaching trade/craft skills in varied media, community involvement with varied age groups of diverse backgrounds, and working together with other community resources to provide a fun, interesting, educational, useful, beneficial, worthwhile… ( need I go further? ) experience for our members.

As for myself, I am a woodworker who has been honing my skills for the last 50+ years, the last 10 in a beautiful shop that meets all of my needs. It is a self-perpetuating disease that I have... Always needing to improve and always expecting my next project to be my best, then working forward with that in mind.

I bring my energy to the Board with a commitment to wise management and responsible practice. Previous Board memberships have been with The Friend's Program and with The Granite State Symphony.


Diana Moore

I am a freelance photographer and young adult fiction writer based in New Hampshire. I specialize in nature photography, including wildlife and environmental issues. I dabble in the abstract, have traveled extensively, and enjoy hiking around natural wonders and photographing people, landscapes, and places, in pursuit of compelling images. Originally from Philadelphia, I obtained my BA degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, MS degree from Drexel University, and PhD from Nova Southeastern. I am currently working on a MFA in creative writing at Cedar Crest College. Currently, I am combining my artistic talent with my academic background to create an online school cultivating creativity through personal development, yoga, and meditation classes. My other interests include, running, natural wellness, Ayurveda, and dance. I currently reside in Hooksett, New Hampshire with my teenage daughter.

In my domestic travels, I make a point of indulging in the arts whenever possible. I have seen numerous examples of shared maker spaces in many urban areas, and so I was thrilled to see one developing here in NH. My making background is in photography, and I did a year in the MFA program at what used to be NHIA. From my time there, I developed a network of artists that I regularly keep in touch with, in the Manchester and surrounding areas, as well as all over the U.S. I have been on the founding boards of two non-profits, having been a part of the process of becoming a non-profit, and then growing the organization. Currently I am the Chair of the Board for the German-American Club of NH.


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